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"A pinch of romance engulfed by earthen clay, so softly shaped between the touch of moving fingers amidst the subtle warmth of sunlight so early in the day."

The gallery is an evolving showcase of the artist's portfolio and journey. Browsing around, you will find different sections dedicated to his sculptures, jewelry items, biographic information and personal news articles, depending on your query. We appreciate your visit today, and hope to be of assistance any way we can.
Certain themed or seasonal exhibits, special collections and newly created items will be scheduled for public release, all year-round for our community of international visitors.

Purchasing Your Artworks & Contemporary Jewellery

Our online exhibition gallery functions as an object-selling platform, much like how brick-and-mortar galleries do. Site visitors can avail of our platform's different features such as the purchasing of fine sculptures or signature works of jewelry by the artist, commissioning the creation of personalised or commemorative hallmark pieces, and direct art collaborations for larger-scale sculpture installations set toward public spaces.

We strictly make use of only the international front-runners in the business of secure, online payments. Likewise, bank transfers or services like those offered by Western Union are also accepted upon request, given regular conditions of purchase and of course, subject to our own curator's discretionary decision.

Jewellery Craftsmanship, Item Condition and Metal Purity

Items from our signature collection, are distinctly created through a hybrid combination of personalised techniques, including hand-carving individual wax anatomies, as well as utilizing several advanced methodologies from the fields of high-temperature metal casting, cad/cam-driven jewellery procedures, scientific gemological assessment and abstract art conceptualisation.

The fine materials used for all auric sculptures are strictly limited to 18 karat or 14 carat gold, depending on the artpiece. The compositional integrity of white gold used can be described as follows: 14K white gold contains 58.5% gold, 17.43% silver, 10.79% palladium, 9.13% copper, and 4.15% zinc, while 18K white gold now contains 75.2% gold, 10.42% silver, 6.45% palladium, 5.46% copper, and 2% zinc. The gold percentages for yellow gold remains the same, while the supporting / complimentary metals may vary depending on the best formula currently available for the media. Both white and yellow gold materials are in accordance with the rations set forth by the Belgian Law of 11 August 1987 regarding the warranty of works on precious metals and the Belgian Royal Decree of 18 January 1990 on the warranty of works on precious metals, thereby guaranteeing that the gold sculptures we create fulfill the standards of purity for 14K gold at 58.5% purity, or 18K gold at 75% purity, whichever is applicable.

Reserving Your Jewellery in Advance

For designs that are currently out of stock, you may opt to have an item from our next season's batch reserved for you before it is put on our shelves. This can be useful for specific products that move quickly, as it assures you of acquisition right from the start. To do this, send us an inquiry regarding the design you want to have reserved. Our onboard gallery staff will reply with an online invoice using our payment gateway provider. Once the payment for your item has been made, we will instruct our studio to set your item aside for you, right after its completion.

Custom Sizes for Jewellery Items

For jewellery items that may come in different sizes, such as rings, you may send us an inquiry for the request of your desired size. Upon confirmation of details, an online invoice will be delivered to you by our gallery, and once the corresponding payment has been made, we will begin work on your custom jewelry item. This process may take longer than a normal purchase due to the creation time needed by our studio to accommodate the specific requirements of your request.

Fine Art Exclusivity, Condition and Specifics

Sculptures may consist of a multitude of media selections based on the artist's personal choice. Each work will have its medium of creation stated on its individual artwork page for visitor information. Some works (particularly limited edition sets) are available in two or more types of material, giving clientele the option to choose his or her own preference.

Artworks may be labeled as unique pieces (1/1) otherwise also known as one-off pieces. They may also belong to a limited edition series (set number produced of that kind), which can be of a variable quantity designation per design. Each work's exclusivity in terms of editions produced, will be stated on its individual item page, along with its approximate measurements and main body material. Exclusivity refers strictly to the specific design in reference to the combinative elements of material, size, and contoured physic. Artworks, jewelry or other items with similar or the same physical appearance, but produced in a different material or size by the artist, are allowed (as the artist retains the original design rights) and will be stated as different editions from the prior's. Only the artist holds and maintains the original design rights to any artwork sold or unsold, and retains the right to the specific design itself, while the clientele acquires property or ownership rights to the specific / tangible object of purchase after a transaction is completed.

Shipping and Handling

We ship our sculptures worldwide with fast and able couriers. We don't currently ship with any small or unknown shipping companies (or with risky transportation classes), only with established names in the business so we can guarantee the quality of service our customers are expecting. If possible, our gallery staff makes certain that sculptures ship straight to your doorstep, eliminating the need for pick-up point hassles on your part. This does not always apply for recipients from countries with certain legal restrictions for the importation of products noted to have high value, size limits or weight standards. In any case, packaging ensures optimum condition and quality preservation as stated in the above section: "Artwork Condition, Maintenance and Quality".

The Artasia Fine Arts Gallery

Our business transactions are set up under the regular operations of the Artasia Fine Arts Gallery, which is the physical home gallery of artist Kylo Chua. All sales, reservations, commissions and inquiries pass through this institution, with the care of our curators, gallery staff, shipping team, studio team and head artist.

Our Privacy Policy and Information Security

We keep all your contact information and important correspondence details private. All online payment information will be processed by one of our gallery's international payment gateways, which each provide excellent encryption capabilities for your transaction requirements. All conversations between gallery staff and private parties will remain bewteen them unless otherwise instructed or specified.

A priority in privacy and security are neccessary when dealing with transactions involving fine art and high jewellery.