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Out of Stock
We are very sorry, but your selection has either been previously purchased, or its current batch is already out of stock. If your item is a jewelry piece, you may inquire with our gallery staff about reserving one from our next season's batch.

The gallery is an evolving showcase of the artist's portfolio and journey. Browsing around, you will find different sections dedicated to his sculptures, jewelry items, biographic information and personal news articles, depending on your query. We appreciate your visit today, and hope to be of assistance any way we can.
Certain themed or seasonal exhibits, special collections and newly created items will be scheduled for public release, all year-round for our community of international visitors.

You May Reserve This Item from Our Next Batch

If the item you have selected is currently out of stock, and is a jewellery item, you may place a reservation for the same design by letting our gallery staff know of your intention. The inquiry corner allows you to send a message to our curator regarding your reservation, and he will promptly send you a personal online invoice for the price of your item. Once paid, this will confirm your order to be fulfilled by our studio during our next casting cycle, which could start anywhere between 2-3 months from the current date. Our staff will update you regarding this, as your item will be set apart from the batch, just for you. Every reserved piece of jewellery or miniature artwork is consistently treated with the utmost of care and precision during its corresponding creation process.

For Artworks and Fullsize Sculpture

Depending on the edition-type designated for each specific design, some sculptures may also be reserved from a succeeding series' upcoming batch. Inquire today about reserving your artwork from our gallery's atelier studio. Alternatively, if the sculpture you want is a one-offf / unique piece, and has already been purchased, you may place a project commission with our artist to have your very own personal artwork, contoured directly to your preferences.

All media, graphic, photographic and literary works belong under the intellectual property rights of the artist, Kylo Chua. Please note that for all purchases made via this online gallery platform, certain terms and conditions apply, some of which are specific to individual pieces, while others directed to all general transactions. By using or viewing this website, you are acknowledging that you comply with our terms of service, product limitations, and the international application of all image / media copyright claims (as extended by our photographers, but allowable for public non-commercial editorial purposes).

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